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I’m intrigued by Hope’s creativity. She’s innovative & inventive & creative & spontaneous & thoughtful. I’m especially fascinated by her artwork. She puts brilliant colors together that clash to find out what new colors she can create & she marvels at the beauty she’s made. She finds that merging pink play doh & yellow play doh can create an orange hue & she excitedly points this out to me- the beauty of the mixing of lines the two play dohs create- there shape fluid & jagged all @ the same time. She is in awe & finds beauty in the small things that we, as adults, often overlook. Hope mixes all shades & tints of glitter in with the play doh & uses a roller to see how it folds in & glistens with each intentional push. She insists on making mermaid tails & skirts & snakes & Barbie b day parties out of play doh & every shade of glitter. She adds crayon on top of marker & chalk on top of paint & she uses different brushes to diversify the thickness & thinness of lines. She smiles with delight & lights up upon her new discoveries. She makes shapes with cookie cutters as if she is a baker & often pretends they are sugar cookies. She makes a marbled play doh heart & offers it to me as a gift. Her eyes glisten, as she knows this makes my heart happy. My kid is creative & it’s because I’ve given her the supplies & materials & space & time. I’ve let go of staying neat & tidy (until the end). Otherwise, it stifles the creative process & halts the imagination & takes the fun out of getting messy. The most important ingredient I’ve provided is freedom; freedom to express herself in a way that fits her personality & her likes & dislikes. Freedom to choose- to use her hands to create & her mind to express. She creates masterpieces using stickers & markers & rhinestones & ribbon & buttons & glue. I provide the supplies & she whips up these imaginative & creative one of a kind pieces of unique art. Blown away by my kid as she creates things that I never ever thought of, simply bc I’ve been patient with her & given her freedom & space to create & be. Celebrate your kids for who they are & provide them with materials to express their inner essence & being. Allow them to create what they wish to help them express who they are. Better yet, do art with them & notice how relaxed & @ peace you are. Ownership feels good. Being empowered feels good. Being able to choose the paper color, the design, the shape, & the type of materials to mix & match (or not) brings absolute joy to children. They have control. Creating calms the mind, especially if you mix in a little classical music, turn the lights down low, & add a few flameless candles. May you allow your child to do their own art @ their own pace with the materials & colors of their choosing! There is no right or wrong or set answer. It’s a beautiful & messy process. Art is in the heart & mind of the creator.

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