love TRUMPS all

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Saddened that I did not get my absolute wish, my true hope, & my fresh perspective for a female, experienced president. Democracy has always mattered so greatly to me. Diversity is oh so beautiful. Love for all people is so near & dear to my heart. Equality & freedom mean so much. My heart hurts, today, for my children’s futures, tomorrow. If I were without children, maybe I wouldn’t be so frightened. I find it difficult explaining to Hope who our new president is without getting fired up. Who is he… really? The election illustrated a man with divisiveness in his heart, judgement for certain body types, racism for certain groups of people, an intolerance for those with special needs, blatant bigotry, & an absolute misuse of wealth & power. I don’t know who he is. I find it difficult to talk to her about this mess without tearing up a little. So, I choose to focus on kindness & being kinder than needed to all. I suspect Trump will do his duty from a place of limited thinking & from a restricted belief system. He’ll run & treat this beautiful place I call home, my children’s home, like a business; like a transaction. I suspect it will lack gentleness, will be rigid, harsh, sharp, insensitive, one-sided, & jaded. Maybe I am being presumptuous, but it’s truly all I know from the election & media circus. I want to find the good. I do want to find the good in Trump, but I don’t see it. I fought so hard & lost, but my vote & my voice, & many of my friends’ votes & voices, counted & were heard. That matters & is an important lesson for my children. My husband got his wish, despite our debates & discussions, as we see things so differently, so opposite from a political stand. Frustrating. I love him, but it still stings just a little. Whomever holds that very important position as president of the U.S., now & in the future, will not break my spirit, or that of my family’s. We will continue to make it our mission, as best we can, to raising kind & caring & loving & respectful & accepting & embracing & well-mannered children. I am devoted & determined to be my best for my kids so they can be their best for the world. We will always choose kindness. We’ll do our best to parent from a place of kindness. We will choose to walk in love as my mom always taught me. I encourage you to spread joy & love & peace & connection & harmony as if you are throwing multi-colored glitter & colorful confetti wherever you go & with whomever you meet. Stand up for what you believe in & do so with absolute conviction. Be pro-love, pro-peace, pro-care, & pro-hope. As for me, my family, those I love, & those I don’t even know, I will continue to do my very best to be an extension of the Lord to love all people from all walks of life & from where they are or aren’t. I will teach my children to do the same, in hopes that they will love from an open heart, mind, & soul. Kindness is all that truly matters & we can teach our loved ones & our children: kindness, acceptance, unwavering faith, & hope in the 4 walls of our homes. We can teach & guide our children to what is right & what is wrong, to love all humanity right from where they are, to respect others if they are similar or different from us in an equal, fair, & gentle way. Love prevails!

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