the power of vulnerability

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We all have a story to tell, a life made up of trials & tribulations. Our lives are filled with events that happen to us that absolutely do not turn out as we expected them to. Life is a series of up & down moments, strung together with pockets of pure joy & doses of happiness. We all have had things that happen to us that hit us so hard that it nearly knocks the wind out of us. These unhappy happenings were not in our blueprint or on our vision & dream boards. & these unfortunate circumstances nearly break us & unsettle us & nearly destroy us & we cry & we are angry & we numb the pain by whatever means necessary to help this excruciating agony go away to avoid the hurt & to lighten the blow, if only for a moment. It’s hard. Life is hard. There is light at the end of the dark tunnel.
A beautiful thing happened this week. A mom, for whom I barely know in my facebook group, just another mama next door, called me in need of immediate help & she happened to know another mom in jamnd that had gone through a similar & really really hard situation. She was in crisis. I simply connected the two moms that do not know one another & have never met, but they are connected because they went through the very thing that changed their course of life, something that turned their worlds upside down & inside out, a life happening that nearly ripped their hearts out. You see, my dear friend told her story to this mom in suffering. The mom that is in heartache & in trauma saw that my beloved friend made it through to the other side & persevered & survived & thrived & came out the other end & is ok. She is more than ok, she’s a fighter & a survivor & she made it because she fought for it, tooth & nail. You see, these women, although they do not know each other, are connected through their similar unfortunate circumstances. It’s true that one can’t completely heal & fix another, but they can slowly heal, together, by getting a little bit stronger through being brave & real & transparent & vulnerable, no matter how hard things become. They can say ‘me too’ to one another & find healing in just those two words.
Brene Brown says that If you take a Petri dish filled with our overwhelming shame & douce it with empathy, that overwhelming shame can no longer survive. Empathy = healing & healing = freedom & freedom = happiness & happiness = a great life. Empathy saves lives.
It only takes one person, one phone call, & one connection to change one life. Thankful these moms found one another, as I’m certain they will help each other heal. They can lean on each other in tough times & celebrate the small victories of moving forward.
Our trials & tribulations hold great power & have the capability to turn into life lessons & those lessons turn into healing. & when we share our stories, we give others hope because others see themselves in us & they grow & heal & evolve & learn & the pain lessens because we chose to be brave, instead of hiding & pretending.
What if the storms of life happen so you can do God’s work & help someone else get through the horrible, no good very bad messes? What if your shitshow situations had the power to save another person from drowning in sorrow & shame & guilt & depression? What if your story of triumph & victory inspired another person to be brave & honest & they, too, persevered all because you chose to be real even when shaking & scared & uncomfortable? We can do hard things. We are all capable of change & healing & reform & rebirth.
The sun comes up every single day to remind us that we get a do over, a new chance, a clean slate. You are a powerful & strong & worthy being. Look for ways to be an extension of the Lord – look for the lessons in the multiple messes & the sucky hardships, so you can be a beacon of hope & light in someone else’s dark & thunderous storms. Look for ways to help & use your story to inspire others to walk through their own lives a little easier & help them seek hope & joy & love & light, once again. There is always hope, always. Be a blessing & inspire those around you whenever you are able. You choosing to help one single person changes the whole world in profound ways. & isn’t that the very reason we are here to make the world better, more tolerant, more beautiful, & more caring? When you share your story with those that have earned the right to hear it, you feel a little lighter & there is freedom in releasing the hard times of our lives. There is freedom in forgiving & letting go. Carrying that weight is oh so trying & so suffocating. Free yourself from the people & circumstances in your life that weigh you down & steal your joy & keep you up at night. Look for people who you can sit with & help, if only in a small way.
If your hellish story can be someone’s saving grace, even if temporarily, & help get someone off the floor & out of bed, then you have helped to make the world better.
May you allow your painful story & tragic journey benefit another person, to help them feel not so alone in this gigantic world. May you be blessed today, & always, as you navigate through your glorious days. May you look for opportunities to help the human race by making the earth a better & more loving place.

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