about jamnd

Welcome! I’ve been writing all my life. I write to heal. I write to forgive. I write to learn. I write to grow. I write to break through to the other side. I hope you discover my writing  helps you in big and small ways to heal, forgive, learn, grow, & break through to the other side.

I write vulnerably. I believe in being vulnerable, transparent, and brave, even when it feels scary, sticky, and uncomfortable. It is the only way to grow, evolve, and change.

I love being a mom to Hope (6) and James (3.5). I’m a cat and turtle lover. I have a black cat named Black Jack. Jack’s soothing vibrational purr brings me great comfort. I have a leopard tortoise, Violet.

My husband, Brian, is an Irish Italian stallion. He’s sweet, cute, and supports me being a stay at home mom. Grateful to him for this beautiful honor, gift, and privilege of staying home to raise our children. He makes life fun. He keeps me laughing. We share a love for karaoke, boy bands, and hot yoga. He’s my rock and my soft place to fall.

I taught elementary school for 9 years on the westside of Phoenix. I’m very passionate about education and have a special place in my heart for children, especially at risk children. I’m a lover of all people and am a liberal to my core, as I believe in love for all and equal rights for all. Passionate about maternal care, breast cancer awareness, infant loss, and postpartum depression and psychosis.

I absolutely love to create. I enjoy being crafty with all available art mediums. I have a small obsession with glitter. My husband does not share in this obsession. I love hearts and all things that are bright, bold, shiny, and glittery.

I love to read. I  love the works of Brene Brown, http://brenebrown.com/my-blog/, and Glennon Melton Doyle, http://momastery.com/blog/. Being vulnerable and real is the only true pathway to living a  happy life. When I’m vulnerable,  brave, and honest, even when it feels uncomfortable and unpredictable, I am my best & most authentic self.

As mentioned above, I taught for 9 years. It started to get too political and too structured and too sticky for me. I found myself  disagreeing with the direction education was going. I was unhappy and it was time for me to leave. When I got pregnant with Hope, my husband and I agreed that it would be best for me to resign from teaching  and become a stay at home mom.

This was all grand, but I was used to being around adults all day long and getting hugs from my  students. The days were predictable, scheduled, and the time would fly by. I got a lot of positive feedback and praise. I always had an adjoining door to both my neighboring teachers and we’d openly chat by the copying machines and share lunch together. We planned together,  had become great friends, and did everything as a team. When it came time for my husband to go back to work and leave me at home with this perfect baby who needed me to live and thrive, I began to feel lonely, empty, lost,  incapable, and overwhelmed. I missed adult interaction. I longed for connection.

I needed to hear ‘me too.’ I decided to start a Facebook group, just another mama next door. Jamnd started 5 years ago with the deep desire for  connection, empathy, compassion, love, and understanding. I needed a safe place to go and ask everyday questions that seemed to pop up and get a plethora of answers from real moms. I desired a place to be my authentic self and to connect with other moms experiencing this new-to-me role of motherhood. To say jamnd is a Godsend is a huge  understatement. It is a sisterhood and a collection of caring and wise women (3, 070 members) from all over the country and from all walks of life. We have come together for one collective purpose & mission: to take moms from not knowing to knowing in a caring and non-judgemental way.  I love my group!  Join here:


My blog  is a place where I can house my most vulnerable & treasured writing. Thank you for taking the time to visit, as this is a very special place very near and dear to my heart. This sacred space is where I’ll  share my most whole-hearted and authentic self with you & the world.

With love & gratitude,